Almost 50 years ago the Kyiv TV Tower was officially opened in Kyiv. This building has a number of features that attract attention. Among them is its height, which reaches 385 meters (due to which the tower is the tallest building in Ukraine). The design is all-welded, which does not include any rivets (except for fastening the base). 

The purpose for which the tower was being built for 5 years was to provide broadcasting. That is why it was considered a paramilitary facility with limited access. This trend has been persisted even till the present days and the interior of the tower is not open to the tourists. However maybe this is the reason why the interest in it is only increasing.

Furthermore one of the most interesting facts about the tower is that previously the project, which was used to construct it, was intended for Moscow. However, at the last moment the plans changed. As well as the height of the tower, which decreased from 500 meters to the final 385. This is due to the fact that the Soviet regime could not allow the Kiev Tower to be higher than Moscow Tower. In addition, 32 tons of paint were used to paint this majestic building.

Due to the constant efforts of the Russian dictatorial regime to totally control the media channels, including Ukrainian ones, in order to spread Russian propaganda, on March 1, the Kyiv TV Tower became one of the goals of the shelling in the capital.

Russia fired two cruise missiles at the TV tower, which partially damaged its power supply and communications. The blast was visible and audible in all districts of Kyiv. Besides, the neighboring buildings were severely damaged. On the same day, some Ukrainian TV channels restored their broadcasting. 5 people were found dead, including one of the Ukrainian journalists (Eugene Sakun), 5 were hospitalized with various injuries. Currently, the technical premises of the TV tower need major repairs to normalize further work.

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