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Russіа wanted to crash into pieces everything that is important to us. They wanted to wіpе out Ukraine through wаr and to distort memory about us and our history through information wаr. The ruіnіng еvіl force will be defeated by our resilience and by human solidarity that unites hearts of people all over the word.  We will take pieces of ruіnatіоns and we will convert even them into a source of good and restoration.  

The mission of Ukrainian Puzzles (UP) is to create an additional opportunity to make contribution to rebuilding of Ukraine for anybody in the world, no matter how close or far from Ukraine the person is. Symbolical restoration in puzzle pieces is at the same time a contribution into restoration in reality because when purchasing Ukrainian Puzzles you are: 

- contribution to the Ukrainian economy - in the amount of the cost of goods and taxes paid in Ukraine

- contribution to the "Ukrainian Cultural Fund", or the Fund for the reconstruction of the world's largest aircraft An-255 Mriya, or other fund aimed at preserving
and restoring Ukraine (recipient fund depends on what puzzles you buy) - in the amount of profit from sales puzzles.

UP are completely made by Ukrainian printing business located in Kharkiv. UP has been launched as a sole proprietor and will be transformed into a corporation after selling the first 50 thousands items of the product. Although UP doesn’t pursue a goal to generate profit for the founders, the legal form of profitable business was chosen intentionally since it fits the best to the goals of the project. Financial report is available here.

The idea of Ukrainian Puzzles belongs to Yaryna Zhurba. Co-founders of Ukrainian Puzzles are: Vita Vorobchuk, Nadia Zhurba, and Yaryna Zhurba.

The first collection of Ukrainian Puzzles is dedicated to some of the sights and objects that were ruined or damaged by Russian during war against Ukraine. Please let us know what images you would like to see on our next puzzles. We will be happy and grateful to hear from you.

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