Lost Puzzle Piece Policy

If you have put together puzzles more than once in your life, you have probably come across a situation when your favorite puzzle is almost complete... and then you realize that one element, one piece necessary for finishing it, is missing.

Don't panic!

Good news is, modern puzzle production methods minimize the possibility of this situation due to manufacturer's error.Most likely, your piece is somewhere nearby: the missing element is easy to lose or not notice. This often happens even to the most observant puzzlers. Follow the tips below and your chances of finding the missing item will increase significantly.

  • Carefullychecktheboxandthebaginwhichthepuzzle pieceswere beingstored, perhapsanelementislostsomewhereinthecorner.
  • Carefully inspect the room where the puzzle was unpacked and assembled, check under the chairs and carpets, among open containers.
  • Ifyouhavevacuumedrecently,checkthevacuumcleanerorthegarbagecan.
  • If you have children or pets, then the search limitsexpand significantly. Puzzle pieces attract children, and they also like to stick to the paws of pets.
  • Itmaysoundlikeajoke, butyourfamilymemberscouldhavedeliberatelyhiddenapieceofthepuzzletothenpompouslyputin thelastoneandfinishwhatyoustarted :)
  • Make sure all the puzzles are in place, fit together perfectly and make the correct picture. There may have been an error during assembling.

If the search turned out to be unsuccessful and you believe that the missing element had not been included in the original package, you should email the manufacturer at info@ukrainianpuzzles.com.

We will help you solve the problem of the missing piece by replacing your puzzle set with a new one and find out if there are any manufacturing problems that we were not aware of. We aim for the 100% satisfaction among all puzzle lovers who purchase Ukrainian Puzzles.