Beasts by Prymachenko

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The puzzle "Beasts by Prymachenko" features a collage of nine paintings by the famous Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko. The beasts series of paintings is a unique phenomenon in world art.

  • Number of pieces: 1000
  • Country of origin: Ukraine
  • Material: cardboard
  • Size of finished puzzle(mm): 675×470
  • Size of finished puzzle(in): 26.5×18.5
  • Box size(mm): 200×300×50
  • Box size(in): 8×12×2
  • Recommended age: 9+
  • Item will be shipped from Ukraine


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  • Товар в дорозі

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The names of the paintings are the following (from left to right, starting from the top row):

  • Wild Sheep, 1989;
  • Beaver, 1979;
  • Ukrainian Bull, Three Years Old, Went Walking Through the Woods and Garners Strength, 1983;
  • A Fish King Has Caught a Hoopoe and Is Full of Joy, 1983;
  • The Beast Goes for a Walk, 1971;
  • The Little Elephant Who Wanted to Be a Sailor, 1973;
  • Tiger Laughs, 1982;
  • This Beast is Making Magic, 1983;
  • This Beast Has Come Running from the Hill, 1978.

"Beasts by Prymachenko" is the first jigsaw puzzle with the artist's works, created in cooperation with the Charitable Organization 'Charitable Foundation 'Creative Heritage of Maria Prymachenko's Family' and the Limited Liability Company 'LO NET'.

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